Cornerstone Academy (CSA) is a charter school serving grades 6-8 in SBISD. CSA was first imagined in 1997 during a meeting of the SBISD Board of Trustees, who then approved a steering committee to create a school that “embodied choice, commitment, community, and collaboration” while relieving overcrowding. It is ranked in the top 0.5% of Texas middle schools. It has received exemplary ratings each year, and in 2008, it received the award “National Charter School of the Year.”

Cornerstone Academy has a unique middle school curriculum that incorporates six-week courses called CESITs (Career Exploration, Specialized Interests & Talents) which are taught by teachers, business professionals, and community volunteers.

Each six-week period, students are able to explore different careers by choosing between courses such as Architecture, Art, Medicine, Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Engineering. “Active CESITs,” such as Ultimate Frisbee or Mind/Body Fitness, count toward 7th and 8th grade PE requirements.

CSA integrates language arts/social studies and math/science through a team teaching approach. Teachers must meet the requirements for gifted and talented teaching. All courses are taught at a pre-AP level.  To remain enrolled at CSA, students are expected to maintain at least a C average.