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SBISD January Fine Arts Spotlight: Ellisann (Elli) Clark

What inspired you to begin participating in dance?

In early elementary school, I tried a variety of sports but never found something that I loved. I’ve always enjoyed dance and tumbling and in the 4th grade I auditioned for a position with the Memorial Dance competitive team which was when I really became serious about dance. I picked it up at a young age and I’ve been dancing ever since!

Where, outside of CSA, do you dance?

I’m a competitive dancer, currently on Team Topaz, at Memorial Dance Center which is where I have been dancing for 5 years.

What do you like most about participating in dance at CSA?

I like the friendships you make with younger grades and the teacher and performing in front of the school. I also enjoy choreographing my own dances and having the freedom to choose which and how many dances you want to do.

Do you have a coach that inspires you to work hard? If so, who and how?

Mrs. Melissa Pruett (CSA) and Ms. Amber Taylor (Memorial Dance Center).  They have both inspired me because Mrs. Pruett is so funny and supporting and Ms. Amber helps me by pushing me to be my best I can be.

What skills have you acquired that will help you in the future? (Es: Communication skills, Leadership skills, the importance of a team, etc.)

I have learned communication and leadership skills, the importance of a team and how to be accepting of other ideas-- even if they’re not your favorite. Sometimes you have more significant roles and other times you’re more of a supporting member in a performance, but every part matters!

What Core Characteristic(s) have you developed most by being part of your fine arts activities?

I think I have developed being more empathetic & self-aware, persistent & adaptable, a resourceful problem-solver, and a communicator & collaborator by having multiple chances to create your own dances, not doing everything you want to, and dealing with absences and injuries during the dance season.

Will you pursue dance in high school?

I am planning to audition for the Memorial Markettes as a Freshman at Memorial High School.

What high school will you be attending?

Memorial High School, home of the Mustangs 

SBISD’s Fine Arts programming provides students opportunities to participate in theater, band, orchestra, choir, dance, art and much more. Performing and fine arts provide an important means of communication where thoughts, creativity and expression can be directed to ennoble, uplift, inspire and build.

For questions regarding SBISD Fine Arts, contact SBISD’s Director of Fine Arts or the art instructor at your school.