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Understanding and interpreting your child’s MAP® assessment data

To assist you in understanding and interpreting your child’s MAP® assessment data, we are pleased to launch our new MAP® family webpage at this link on the Spring Branch ISD website.

In SBISD, we use multiple assessments to gauge your child’s academic progress and to tailor instruction to meet your child’s specific needs. The NWEA Measures of Academic Progress® assessments, known as MAP®, are computer adaptive achievement tests in reading, math and science. The computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions based on each individual student’s responses to previous questions, so each student’s assessment is unique.

Students in elementary and middle school take the MAP® assessment up to three times during the year. The beginning of the year MAP® results help you, your child and your child’s teacher understand your child’s academic strengths and opportunities. The middle- and end-of-year assessments are a measure of your child’s academic growth over time.

At the MAP® family webpage, you will find more information about the purpose of MAP® testing, the information the assessment provides and how to download the MAP® Student Progress Report from Skyward Family Access. You’ll also find strategies to support your child’s learning at home.

Teachers are reviewing beginning of the year student data, including MAP® scores, to better understand each child’s academic needs. Please reach out to your child’s teacher should you have questions. (Parents of elementary age students will have an opportunity to discuss MAP scores during the parent/teacher conference later in October.)

We hope you find this new MAP® family website helpful. Thank you for your partnership as we work together to ensure your children have a great year of learning and growth in SBISD!