In October of 1997, the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees approved a steering committee that was charged with designing a school that would help relieve overcrowding of the middle schools and provide a choice for parents. This committee envisioned a school that embodied choice, commitment, community and collaboration. With great honor as the director, I seek to carry out this vision backed by an incredible staff, student body and dedicated parents.

Cornerstone Academy has high academic and behavioral expectations for all of its students. Students are expected to think critically, work collaboratively and analyze independently. Our delivery of instruction and our commitment to educate the whole child are what differentiates us from other programs and provides parents with a quality choice. Language arts/social studies and math/science are integrated subjects taught with a team teaching approach. Double-size classrooms house thirty students and two certified teachers in which teachers use flexible scheduling and flexible grouping to work on concepts in depth and provide for differentiation.

The curriculum is challenging and meaningful and is facilitated by teachers who meet the certification requirements for gifted and talented teaching. To prepare for the workplace of the 21st Century, all of our students incorporate technology into their learning every day. Technology is integrated into the core curriculum areas. Connections are made with the academic classes as students discover the vast amount of ways technology can motivate and facilitate their learning. Basic computer literacy skills are taught in 6th and expanded upon in the upper grades. Through CESIT classes, students can delve deeper into technology through courses such as web authoring, advanced Microsoft Office and video broadcasting.

In this atmosphere of challenging expectations, students release energy and build camaraderie through the intramural program. Students are free from the pressures of tests and "dressing out" as they concentrate more on building relationships through team sports and general all-around, good, clean fun. Activities include flag football, basketball, and dodge-ball culminating in tournaments supported by parents, staff, students and food!

C.E.S.I.T. (pronounced "seize it") is exactly what the pronunciation implies. Our students seize all opportunities as they experience lessons of life never provided previously. Career Exploration, Specialized Interests & Talents courses (thus, C.E.S.I.T.) are six week courses taught by teachers, business and community volunteers. Students select from a variety of choices each six weeks and explore careers through courses such as  architecture, art, medicine, hotel/restaurant management or engineering (to name but a few). This program has proven to be more than educational!  It is exciting to watch as students engage themselves in these career explorations. Please look further at our website to get details of our outstanding volunteers and the incredible contributions they have made toward the education of our students. Thank you for visiting our website. I invite you to e-mail me with your comments and suggestions as we continuously strive to build and improve upon the educational process.