Mark Veenstra

Why should students learn to play an instrument?

a.       Personal development learned through the study of music

             i.      How your brain develops and how music helps with this

            ii.      Learning to stay with a task that cannot be mastered in one day or one week

           iii.      Developing a lifelong love for music and your instrument

           iv.      Working within a group

            v.      Your best friends may well end up those with whom you share music

b.       Playing an instrument should be fun

             i.      Fran Kick’s “Good, Fun, Work” triangle

             ii.      Students should be their best every day, and should see each new day  playing an instrument as a challenge

             iii.      Remember that “how you do anything is how you do everything” Remember, have fun with music! Music is life, life is music and music is the best!

Beginning Band Instruments at CSA

Click the links below to a demonstration for each instrument. These are the only instruments available for beginning.






How to Enroll in Band