Steve Bundrick

•All musicians must act like musicians.
•Be the best person you can be in every situation.
•Avoid conflict, play music.
•Tell your parents you love them every day.
•Musicians aren't Shy. They need attention.
•Listen to music, play music, read music, teach music.

Stage Band Students and Parents

All students will be required to practice their music in order to perform in the Dateline Rock and Roll performances November 9th and 10th. It is most important that you practice every day at least 30 minutes. If you are having difficulty understanding your part, please come to Stream any day at 10:04-10:28am in the Band Hall. I have your parts available for downloading to your home computer so you can practice along with the music.

Remember, have fun with music! Music is life, life is music and music is the best!

Please email me to sign up for Booster Club. We need volunteers to help with pizza sales at the upcoming concert, and with Band T-Shirt orders. Please contact Mr. Bundrick if you can help out. Thanks!