Go DANCE!!!!

 - At Cornerstone Academy our dance program is the bomb!  We dance every day.  We perform in the holiday show, the spring show, and special performances throughout the district.  In an effort to familiarize the students with dance at the high school level we implemented workshops with our feeder high schools offering master classes to CSA students. We have fabulous costumes because the students work  hard at raising money for their costumes.

 - At Cornerstone Academy dance counts as a Health Fitness credit!!  That is correct.  You can learn cool moves and exercise at the same time.

 - At Cornerstone Academy you will learn turns, leaps, jumps and kicks.

 - At Cornerstone Academy Dance ... is.....too awesome for words.

My name is Jacquana Johnson and I am beginning my 3rd year at Cornerstone Academy.  Prior to CSA, I taught for 10 years at the high school dance and magnet levels in Atlanta, GA.  I also taught for 13 years at a private dance studio on the south side of Atlanta.  I strive to have a positive, non judge mental environment where students can achieve, discover their individuality, and creativity.  I believe in educating the child through the art of dance which includes teaching cross curricular concepts through dance history and vocabulary.  We also use interdisciplinary studies through theater and music.