The theater classes at CSA are production classes. We learn about theater by producing plays.  We perform a musical in the fall and a non-musical in the spring. 

Students must audition to become a cast member. They audition for the musical in May of the preceding year (only 7th and 8th graders can be in the fall musical), and in December for the spring show.  

Students interested in being in Tech Theatre must have a teacher recommendation and permission from Mrs. Pendergrass. Space is limited. 


Juli Pendergrass - Director


Melanie Webb-Harkey - Assistant Director


Tiffany Lovell - Musical Director

Spring 2024 Play!

Show Dates & Times

Thursday, April 11th @ 6:30 pm

Friday, April 12th @ 6:30 pm


The Orphan Train -Cast List

Character 1st Period Cast Character 3rd Period Cast
Student Director Melanie Navarro Reverend Brace Emma Pace
Newsboys Bella Riley Mrs. Albright Zara Zaidi
Mary Angelina Santiago Vladimira Zoey Fernandez
Mrs. Herndon Anna Cariveau Maria Gabby Peppard
Mr. Williams Liam Werner Mrs. Singer Emilia Lavin
Frank(ie) Jordyn Howell George Rose Thomas
Hannah Adeline Kosasih Mrs. Burke Charlotte Osterhaus
Henry Adison Buuck Mrs. Clifford Autarkeia Clement
Raymond Sachin Patel Patricia Alayna Cunningham
Carnival Man/Woman Maddie Harvin Miss Scott Ryn Lane
Evie Gabby Salazar Sebastian Brooke Greene
Emily Emely Hurtado Farmer Dobbs Chloe Mansur
James Aiden Dyniewski Mrs. Dobbs Maryam Gilani
Lucky Lucas Wille-Torres Marlena Allie Ogle
Man Nico Sixdenier Mattie Wrightman Vivian Ozuna
Woman Zoe Reynaud Emma Marian Frisbee
Pegeen Charlotte Moore Justina Violet Priest
Teacher Lyrah Pratt Newsboys/Narrators Olivia Rahman
Old Man/Woman Riley Devlin   Katia Mirza
Harvey Gabe Nucette   Katelin Buuck
Danny Axel Boren   Collins Wiley
Lady Laila Jupiter   Asuka Sugimoto-Video
Man Wyatt Wilson    
Annie Rachel Silberman    
Little Lucy Caroline Cooper    
Woman Olivia Henderson    
Man/Woman Brooke Miller    
Children's Aid Society Worker Tara Wortham    
Extra Farmers and Adults Isabella Morales    
  Kynzie Pete    
  Elle Shagory    
  Anna Sokalski    

Theather Tech Students

Mariajose Canosa   Lucas Deskin
Noah Flores   Nolan Grubbs
Darby Jowers   Jacob Kurtz
Clark Odom   Payton Lanning
Myles Martinez   Joshua O'Meara
Iain Olive   Colin Ottis
Clarissa Pacheco   Vania Saleemi
Ella Ripple   Lily Zuckley
Hunter Cullen   Max Otero
Paula Reyes   Edison Salek
David Stieglitz   Giuliana Tipaz



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