3M - Marvelous Monday Madness

Monday is Club Day at CSA. After school, your child can participate in a number of different clubs.  Any parent (cleared as an SBISD Volunteer) may sponsor a club. Current clubs include:
  • Run Club 5K Ready (Mrs. Laidlaw)
  • Junior Thespian  (Mrs. Pendergrass)
  • NJHS (Miss Leger and Ms. Walpole)
  • Student Council (Mrs. Bartling)
  • Chess Club/Poker Club (Mr. Gregg and Mr. Barton)
  • 3D Enginneering (Mr. Le)
  • TED Talks (Mrs. Wood-Sponsel)
  • DIY Club (Miss Rodriguez)
  • Minecraft (Vergult/Bosworth/Constante)
  • Equine Club (Miss Edsall)
  • Art Club (Mrs. Hooker)
  • Home Sweet Home (Heidemann)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (Grant)
  • Band (Mr. Bundrick)