Dress Code

Cornerstone Academy embraces the individuality of our students and staff. We allow students to solve the problems they have created. At the same time, we must ensure that each student is able to grow and learn in a safe, non-distracting educational environment.

Therefore, students must come to school dressed to learn, work, and participate in all types of activities and events. Dressy clothes and heels will not be comfortable at CSA. Modest shorts or pants and a standard T-shirt are always acceptable at school.


Clothes that we know will cause a problem (but not limited to):


  • Short shorts and/or short skirts (mid thigh or finger tip are reasonable lengths)
  • Clothes that reveal or could reveal underwear (bra straps, boxers, etc.)
  • Clothes that depict or allude to (or the use of): violence, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Clothes that reveal the A B C’s abdomen, breasts, and cracksfront and back
  • Clothes or grooming that may be (or appear to be) gang related
  • Tight fitting clothing (lycra, spandex for example) that is not covered by appropriate attire


If any adult at Cornerstone has a problem with a students dress or grooming, the student must fix the problem. If the student cannot or will not, the student will receive an office referral. The student, with the help of an administrator, will fix the problemRepeated dress code problems will be addressed with the parent and consequences may be administered.